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|| Based On: A modern superhero/ Hindu God Hanuman


Explore the mystical realm of Anjanadri in 'HanuMan,' a Telugu superhero epic by Prasanth Varma. Delve into the divine journey inspired by the legendary Hindu god Hanuman

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Embark on a cinematic odyssey in Anjanadri with ‘HanuMan,’ the pioneering Telugu superhero movie by Prasanth Varma. A tribute to the divine strength of Lord Hanuman, this epic venture unveils a realm where mythology meets modernity, promising a groundbreaking experience in Indian cinema

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12 crores INR

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The release date for 'HanuMan' is yet to be announced. Stay tuned for updates!

HanuMan' draws inspiration from the Hindu god Hanuman, serving as a tribute to the divine strength and superhero qualities associated with Lord Hanuman.

Yes, according to filmmaker Prasanth Varma, 'HanuMan' is the first superhero movie in the Telugu film industry.

The title is a dedication to individuals associating Hindu superheroic elements with Lord Hanuman, making it a symbolic representation of superpowers in Hindu mythology.

The movie is set in the fictitious world of Anjanadri, creating a mystical backdrop for the superhero saga.

The movie is dedicated to many who associate any superhero or superpower from Hindu mythology with Lord Hanuman.

'HanuMan' is unique as it explores the superhero genre in Telugu cinema, blending mythology with modern storytelling.

Prasanth Varma mentioned that the film is inspired by the Hindu god Hanuman, celebrating the divine qualities associated with Lord Hanuman.

The movie was filmed in the fictitious world of Anjanadri, creating a visually stunning backdrop at the intersection of mythology and modernity.

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