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Embark on Shankar Das's journey from Kerala to Mumbai, unveiling a criminal past and addressing water scarcity issues after 16 years. A gripping drama unfolds.

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Kanimalar 4:38
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Mrudhu Bhave Dhruda KruthyeFilm Story

Prepare for an immersive cinematic experience with ‘Mrudhu Bhave Dhruda Kruthye,’ a captivating Malayalam drama-thriller directed by Shajoon Kariyal and produced by Vijayshanker Menon under Hydroair Tectonic. Scheduled to grace the silver screens on February 2, 2024, this film promises to unravel layers of mystery and intrigue.

As the narrative unfolds, audiences will embark on a compelling journey alongside Shankar Das, portrayed by the talented Sooraj Sun. Shankar’s quest for redemption and justice takes him from the tranquil landscapes of Kerala to the bustling streets of Mumbai, where shadows of a past he’s long tried to forget emerge with newfound urgency.

With a budget estimated at $500,000, ‘Mrudhu Bhave Dhruda Kruthye’ delves into themes of resilience, redemption, and societal challenges, weaving a narrative that transcends mere entertainment. The stellar cast, including Sravana TN, Sunny Leone, Suresh Krishna, Mariya Prince, Anil Anto, and more, breathe life into characters steeped in complexity and depth.

Guided by the skilled direction of Shajoon Kariyal and backed by a team of dedicated professionals, this film promises to leave audiences on the edge of their seats, pondering the intricate web of fate and circumstance. From gripping plot twists to emotionally resonant performances, ‘Mrudhu Bhave Dhruda Kruthye’ is poised to make an indelible mark on the landscape of Malayalam cinema.

Mrudhu Bhave Dhruda Kruthye Box Office/Budget


$500,000 (estimated)

FAQ'S for Mrudhu Bhave Dhruda Kruthye Movie

The movie is set to release on February 2, 2024.

The OTT platform is yet to be officially announced. Updates will be shared once confirmed.

The estimated budget for the film is $500,000.

The cast includes Sooraj Sun, Sravana TN, Sunny Leone, Suresh Krishna, Mariya Prince, Anil Anto, and more.

The film follows Shankar Das's journey to Mumbai, addressing water scarcity issues and unraveling a mysterious criminal past.

The OTT release is speculated to be around May 2024, following the industry norm.

Top contenders include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar.

Shajoon Kariyal is the director of the film.

The music is composed by Saajan Madhav.

The film's blend of suspense, a talented cast, and its intriguing digital release strategy contribute to its unique appeal.

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