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Escape the clutches of addiction with 'Mukti Ghar.' A tale of healing, liberation, and community, revealing the transformative journey of broken souls. Coming soon to OTT

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Step into the sanctuary of Mukti Ghar, where addiction loses its grip, and lives find liberation. This film unravels the complexities of recovery, sharing the release date, cast, and trailer. Join the healing journey and explore the transformative narrative of Mukti Ghar. Available soon on OTT

FAQ'S for Mukti Ghar Movie

Mukti Ghar is set to release on [Release Date].

The movie features a diverse cast, Ragi Jani. Chetan Daiya. Aakash Zala. Hitesh Thakar. Sanjay Galsar. Puja Soni. Het Dave. Het. Aakash Maheriya.

You can find the official trailer on the www.netguruindia.com .

Yes, the film portrays the struggles of individuals within a community dealing with various addictions and their journey towards healing.

Mukti Ghar is not just a cremation ground; it symbolizes a sanctuary for addiction recovery, offering liberation and rehabilitation.

Yes, Mukti Ghar delves into the societal perceptions and challenges faced by individuals labeled as "drunkards," emphasizing their redemption.

Information about the OTT release will be updated, and you can check www.netguruindia.com for availability.

While the movie is fictional, it draws inspiration from the complexities of addiction and recovery in society.

Absolutely, the film unfolds a narrative of broken individuals rebuilding themselves, families rediscovering love, and a community offering tools for reclaiming lives.

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