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Raajadhani Files (2024) unveils the untold struggles of Amravati farmers, inspired by the 2019 protests. Experience the truth on 15 February. #FarmersVoice

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Dive into the compelling narrative of “Raajadhani Files,” a film directed by Bhanu that sheds light on the poignant issues faced by farmers in Amravati. Akilan and Veena take center stage in this cinematic endeavor, bringing to life the struggles of real-life farmers.

The film’s trailer, unveiled recently, provides a glimpse into the profound storytelling that draws inspiration from the farmer protests of 2019. A remarkable aspect is the inclusion of 600 actual farmers, sharing their authentic struggles, adding a layer of authenticity to the cinematic portrayal.

Set against the backdrop of socio-economic challenges, “Rajadhani Files” promises an emotional and thought-provoking journey. The film delves into the heart of the farmer’s predicament, presenting a raw and unfiltered narrative that resonates with the struggles of the agricultural community.

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FAQ'S for Raajadhani Files Movie

"Raajadhani Files" is set to hit cinema halls on 15 February 2024.

The movie was crafted on a budget of around ₹10 crore, covering production, print, and advertising expenses.

Akilan and Veena take on the pivotal roles in portraying the struggles of the farmers.

The film draws inspiration from the farmer protests of 2019, aiming to authentically depict the challenges faced by the agricultural community.

The exact runtime of "Rajadhani Files" will be updated soon.

Bhanu takes the helm as the director of this impactful cinematic journey.

The original language of "Rajadhani Files" is Telugu, capturing the essence of the narrative.

The soul-stirring music for "Rajadhani Files" is composed by the talented Mani Sharma, enhancing the emotional depth of the storytelling.

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