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Shiva, an ambitious LLM student, finds his life shattered when falsely accused of heinous crimes. The courtroom drama intensifies as political influences manipulate justice. Sahana Sudhakar's resilient character adds emotional depth amid legal battles, making "Yathabhava" a gripping narrative of struggle and survival.

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“Yathabhava,” a compelling Kannada film, delves into the riveting story of Shiva, portrayed by Pawan Shankr, facing false allegations of rape and murder. Directed by Gautham Basavaraju, this courtroom drama navigates the complexities of law, political interference, and the human spirit’s resilience.

With stellar performances by Sahana Sudhakar, Gautham Sudhakar, and an ensemble cast, coupled with Utsav Shrey’s emotive music and Harsha Mishra’s brilliant cinematography, “Yathabhava” promises an emotional roller-coaster ride through the pursuit of justice.

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₹12,000,000 (estimated)

FAQ'S for Yathabhava Movie

"Yathabhava" is scheduled to release on February 2, 2024.

The cast includes Pawan Shankr, Sahana Sudhakar, Gautham Sudhakar, and more talented actors.

Yes, the movie revolves around a courtroom backdrop, exploring legal intricacies and political drama.

The film delves into themes of justice, resilience, and the impact of political influence on legal matters.

"Yathabhava" is hailed as a brilliant Kannada film, combining suspense, drama, and social commentary, delivering exceptional performances and technical excellence.

The film is directed by Gautham Basavaraju.

Yes, the movie explores how politics can influence justice, with a state minister involved in the storyline.

Sahana Sudhakar plays a pivotal role, offering emotional support and resilience to the protagonist, Shiva.

"Yathabhava" showcases the nuances of law, illustrating the challenges faced by those accused of serious crimes when politics intervenes.

As of now, there is no information about a sequel. However, the film's success may pave the way for future developments.

The title, translated as 'Justice,' reflects the film's central theme of the struggle against unfairness and the pursuit of truth.

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