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Discover the gripping tale of 'IRaH Movie - The Immortality App' as it follows Hari Singh and his groundbreaking IRAH 5.10 app, coveted by law enforcement, hackers, and more. Explore the ethical quandaries of AI in a narrative woven with romance, drama, and suspense, inviting audiences to ponder the consequences of technological advancement.

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Step into the world of ‘IRaH Movie – The Immortality App’, India’s pioneering AI-based film of 2024. Directed by Sam Bhattacharjee and featuring a stellar cast including Rohit Bose Roy, Rajesh Sharma, Karishma Kotak, and Rakshith Bhandarry, the movie delves into the dark underbelly of AI technology. Set for nationwide release on April 4th, witness the revolutionary IRAH 5.10 app that attracts the attention of various entities, from law enforcement to international hackers. Brace yourself for a cinematic experience blending romance, drama, suspense, and music, while pondering the ethical dilemmas of AI.

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FAQ'S for IRaH - The Immortality App Movie

The film is set to hit nationwide theaters on April 4th, 2024.

'IRaH - The Immortality App' is directed by Sam Bhattacharjee.

The film explores the impact and ethical dilemmas surrounding AI technology.

The cast includes Rohit Bose Roy, Rajesh Sharma, Karishma Kotak, and Rakshith Bhandarry.

The film blends elements of romance, drama, suspense, and music alongside its AI-centric plot.

The IRAH 5.10 app serves as a central plot device, attracting attention from various factions due to its revolutionary nature.

Yes, during the trailer launch event, a sequel titled "IRaH 2" was announced, hinting at a continuation of the narrative.

The film's VFX-intensive production spanned three years, showcasing the dedication of the team to deliver a visually stunning experience.

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